Intentional AIDEs

Embracing inclusion. Creating equity. Enabling belonging. One - Reader, ORG, and book at a time.

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Inclusivity and equity are achievable by deciding to
consistently reject, remove, and root out our inherent biases.

Books are tools for creating indelible change. Research has shown reading fiction provides an opportunity to experience someone else's world without leaving your own. Being part of the DEIB solution requires a personal commitment to unlearn what you may not have known you believe and respect what you may never understand. You can read, work through your journey, and be part of the change in the way that works best for you.

Here is an excerpt from the article that sparked the Intentional AIDEs resources. 

Inclusion by Intent
Everyone involved in being a part of making the goal of
inclusion and equity must be intentional. We must be
intentional about being honest with ourselves, about how
we can take part and why. Anti-racists and allies must be
consistently intentional about deciding to take the small,
uncomfortable steps toward changing environments,
so the once-accepted behaviors are no longer accepted.

You can read the full article originally published in the Society of Technical Communication Journal for more about the importance of self-awareness on the road to building the inclusive, equitable future where we all belong. 

Ready to Read